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To Paris With Love

How did the Duncan family find their way into their treacherous dual life? Read this riveting prequel and find out!

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The Duncans seem to be pillars of the community, running a perfectly up-and-up car dealership in Queens. By night, things are different-and much more treacherous! But how did they reach this precarious position? Go back in time and find the answer in To Paris with Love, Carl Weber and Eric Pete's thrilling prequel to The Family Business.Is Paris Duncan just a party girl, or does she hold some critical cards up her sleeve? And what about her brother, Rio? Is he ready to trade his blingy nightclub world for a dual life of respectable car dealer/underworld kingpin? Well, what you can be sure of is this: hard-hitting action and riveting drama will prevail as the Duncan family goes at it-with everything at stake!
  • SKU: 000000000001379458
  • Author: Carl Weber
  • Publisher: KENSINGTON PUB
  • Release date: Nov 26, 2013
  • ISBN: 9781601625717
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Commitment Credit: 1
  • Book Search Plus: No
  • Warnings: No
  • Height: 0.613
  • Length: 8.250
  • Width: 5.500

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Not Impressed

March 24, 2014

So glad I borrowed this book from the library. I really like Carl Weber (So You Call Yourself a Man is still my favorite book ever) and the Family Business series, but this one was a little whack and unrealistic. I know books tend to be fantasies, but geesh! Paris, however, was less annoying so that's nice, but I would not recommend purchasing this one. Sorry.

March 3, 2014

This book was a page turner from the beginning to the end. I read it in one day, I love Carl Weber books

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